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License Plate Lottery Pays Off!

by: Tim | January 25, 2024
License Plate Lottery Pays Off!

A woman from Upper Marlboro, Maryland recently won a substantial prize of $50,000 from the Pick 5 lottery game using her car license plate number as her lucky digits.

Markietta Robertson has consistently played these particular numbers since the Pick 5 game was introduced in Maryland.

Earlier this month, she won the top prize on a straight $1 bet, as well as a $400 prize on a 50-cent box bet.

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    Fixed jackpot

  • Robertson had often confided in her husband James about her belief that she would one day win the Pick 5 game through a straight bet. On January 12th her prediction came true when her license plate numbers were drawn as the winning digits in the evening game.

    The joyous moment was shared with her husband at home. “When I saw that I had won, I screamed” Robertson said. “I verified my win using the Lottery app and then jumped into my husband’s arms.”

    From Trash to Treasure

    The winning ticket was bought at Marlton Liquors in Upper Marlboro. Having known Robertson and her regular Pick 5 bets the store employees asked if she had also won the 50-cent 60-way Pick 5 box bet which would yield a $400 prize. Interestingly she had thrown that ticket away not realizing its worth. She later retrieved it from the trash after the tip-off.

    James, Robertson’s husband said, “I told her she should have also won the box bet. Can you believe she had discarded that ticket?”

    Future Plans

    After claiming her winnings at the Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, Robertson revealed her plans to use the prize money to settle bills and save the remaining amount.

    Marlton Liquors, the store where she bought the winning ticket will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling a ticket with the $50,000 Pick 5 prize. The store is situated at 9518 Crain Highway in Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County.



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