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The USALottery.com website is the new go-to resource for everything lottery related.

We provide live up-to-date information on all the key lotteries throughout the US including Mega Millions, Powerball and the individual state lotteries.

You can get live lottery results and key information about every game including rules, ticket costs, schedules, due numbers, historical results, prizes, odds and much more.

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More about us

Our goal is simply to provide everyone with the information they need to enjoy playing lotteries online. Here’s a little more about what we provide:

Mega Millions

With record breaking jackpots this lottery has taken captured the hearts of citizens in every state. We keep you at the forefront of this life-changing game with live draw updates, winning numbers (both past and present) and in-depth tools and analysis making sure you don’t miss a thing.


Another firm favourite across America, Powerball offers incredible life-changing jackpots so we’re delighted to provide you with live draws, past and present results and all the additional information you could ever need to enhance your gaming experience.

State Lotteries

There are a huge amount of state-specific lotteries, each offering a unique twist to the lottery format. We keep you up-to-date with every single one of them, offering live draw updates, current rules and regulations, prizes, latest odds and a great deal more.

Lottery Resources

In order to become the number one online lottery resource we’ve included everything you will need to improve your knowledge, better your understanding of all games and maybe even increase your chance of becoming a millionaire! There’s a host of information and tools at your disposal.


Meet the team

We’re run by a small but passionate team. We live and breathe lotteries and our passion drives us to provide you with unmatched insights and updates that enhance your gameplay.

  • Jack – Director
  • James – Head of Partnerships
  • Tim – Content & Design

If you would like to get in touch with us, simply use our contact page. We welcome all enquiries and constructive feedback to help us grow.


Other Features

Up-to-date data

All the information on our site is upadated constantly, so you always get accurate data and results to analyse.

Exclusive tips

Know your chosen game better with our unique insights and custom tips. Make informaed decisions and play your lottery more confidently.

History & Analytics

If you’re looking to analyse trends then be sure to check out our historical data so you can formulate a plan for your next game.