USA Lottery - News - Lunch Break Lottery: SFO Employee Strikes $20 Million Jackpot!

Lunch Break Lottery: SFO Employee Strikes $20 Million Jackpot!

by: Tim | December 18, 2023
Lunch Break Lottery: SFO Employee Strikes $20 Million Jackpot!

San Francisco International Airport employee Durwin Hickman won a staggering $20 million jackpot after purchasing a $30 ‘Set for Life!’ scratch lottery ticket from a Hayward liquor store during his lunch break.

Hickman described the feeling of winning the life-changing sum as “the biggest rush” he has ever experienced.

In disbelief about his win Hickman sent a photo of the winning ticket to his wife for confirmation. Having previously won $1,000 in the California Lottery this was a significant leap for him.

The lucky winner who works as a skycap assisting passengers with their luggage has big plans for the jackpot. His primary goal is to buy a new house for his wife and himself with the winnings.

California’s luck continues

The winning ticket was purchased at L & M Liquor on Vermont Street in the Hayward area. The store will also benefit from Hickman’s win receiving a $100,000 bonus payment from the lottery for selling the winning ticket. This comes as part of the lottery’s policy to reward vendors who sell winning tickets.

This win adds to a series of interesting lottery wins in California. Earlier this month, the same Chevron gas station in Encino sold two winning tickets for the main state lottery draw resulting in a shared jackpot of $395 million.

About the California Lottery

The California Lottery is a state-run organization that was established in November 1984 with the purpose of providing additional funds for schools in the state.

It offers a variety of games including Powerball, Mega Millions, SuperLotto Plus, Fantasy 5, Daily 3, Daily 4 and a variety of Scratchers such as the ‘Set for Life!’ ticket that led to Durwin Hickman’s incredible win.

The lottery also rewards vendors who sell winning tickets providing an additional incentive for stores to participate. The California Lottery contributes billions of dollars to public education every year enhancing the state’s commitment to support schools and students.



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