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Idaho Resident Keeps His Cool Despite $1m Win!

by: Tim | January 18, 2024
Idaho Resident Keeps His Cool Despite $1m Win!

Idaho resident Andrew Nachman had an unforgettable moment during a work video conference call when he discovered he had won $1 million in the Idaho Lottery’s $1,000,000 Raffle.

The Idaho Lottery’s annual raffle this year offered two prizes of $1 million with a total of 450,000 raffle tickets available. It took just 36 days for all the tickets to be sold out.

Nachman purchased his winning ticket from the Maverik on North 3rd Street in McCall.

Returning from a family vacation, Nachman sat down for his video conference call when he noticed the lottery ticket on his desk. With just three minutes before the call he decided to check his ticket. To his disbelief, his ticket was the million-dollar winner. Convinced he had entered the number incorrectly he immediately handed over the ticket to his wife to verify the win and call the lottery office.

The Text

During his conference call Nachman received a suspense-filled text from his wife.

“Right in the middle of my video conference call, she sends me a text that said, ‘I’m sorry to inform you,’ and then there was a long pause between texts… ‘but it is confirmed!’It was really hard to hide my excitement on the call,” he shared.

Another Winner

Nachman emerged as the first of the two million-dollar winners in this year’s raffle. The Lottery announced on Thursday that they have yet to be contacted by the holder of the other winning ticket number 091588.

Nachman plans to use his lottery winnings towards his children’s college education. According to the Idaho Lottery this year’s raffle generated more than $1.5 million in revenue, benefiting Idaho public schools and buildings.


About the Idaho Lottery

The Idaho Lottery, established in 1989 is an integral part of Idaho’s unique fabric contributing significantly to the state’s public schools and buildings. Over its history the Lottery has given more than $961.5 million back to Idaho’s public schools and the Permanent Building Fund supporting the educational and infrastructure needs of the Gem State.

Players have also won over $2.6 billion in prizes. The Idaho Lottery offers a variety of draw games, Scratch™ tickets, and PullTabs, providing a fun and exciting way for Idahoans to help support their state while enjoying a chance at winning cash prizes.

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