USA Lottery - News - Brooklyn Man Wins Two $10 Million Lottery Prizes Within a Year

Brooklyn Man Wins Two $10 Million Lottery Prizes Within a Year

by: Tim | December 13, 2023
Brooklyn Man Wins Two $10 Million Lottery Prizes Within a Year

In an extraordinary twist of fate a man from Brooklyn New York has won two lottery prizes both worth $10 million within a span of just one year.

Wayne Murray, a lucky East Flatbush resident has seen his total winnings reach an impressive sum of $20 million.

Murray’s first $10 million windfall came from the Lottery’s ‘200X’ scratch-off game which he won about a year ago. Not content with his first big win Murray tried his luck once again and purchased a ‘Black Titanium’ game ticket which proved to be his second jackpot-winning ticket.

Remarkably both winning tickets were bought for $30 each at the same store H&A Gas & Convenience located on Avenue H in Brooklyn.

After his twin victories Murray chose to take the lump sum payment for both prizes which after taxes amounted to $6,122,400 each.

Despite his sudden wealth according to Hassan Nabil a clerk at H&A Gas & Convenience, Murray’s behavior has remained unchanged with Nabil mentioning he is still the same guy, just a lot richer.

Murray continues to reside in his three-story apartment in East Flatbush which he received for free from a relative in September 2021. Despite his newfound wealth his modest living arrangements appear to reflect his grounded nature.

Can he make it $30million?

Following Murray’s double win the $30 ‘200X’ scratch-off game now has only one more top prize of $10 million left to claim. When the game was launched there were originally four top prizes available.

In addition to the final top prize there is also one second-tier prize of $200,000 and one third-tier prize of $50,000 left for potential winners.

Murray’s extraordinary luck serves as a tantalizing reminder of the life-changing possibilities offered by lottery games and his story will no doubt inspire many more hopeful players to try their luck. As for Murray, only time will tell if he will continue to test his remarkable winning streak.



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