USA Lottery - News - Arkansas Mother Hits Big: Wins $500K in Instant Lottery Game

Arkansas Mother Hits Big: Wins $500K in Instant Lottery Game

by: Tim | December 29, 2023
Arkansas Mother Hits Big: Wins $500K in Instant Lottery Game

In a stroke of luck Lucille Robinson, a resident of Little Rock has hit the jackpot by winning a whopping $500,000 on the $20 200X instant game ticket.

Her victory became official when she claimed her prize at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery (ASL) Claim Center on December 27th.

The 12th Street Market located at 4511 W 12th St. in Little Rock has the distinction of selling the lucky ticket that changed Lucille’s life.

An Impropmptu Purchase

This win is notable not only for its size but also for the casual manner in which the ticket was purchased. Lucille, accompanied by her son Dewayne Johnson bought the ticket on an impromptu visit to the gas station.

Dewayne recalls his mother’s modest intention to spend $20 that day, a decision that led to a life-changing event. Lucille, who indulges in the lottery two to three times a week doesn’t stick to one game. Instead she’s drawn to tickets based on their visual appeal. This time her choice was a single 200X instant game ticket with Dewayne handling the transaction.

The excitement was palpable as Lucille scratched off the ticket right there in the gas station. Handing it over to her son for confirmation she couldn’t believe her ears when Dewayne announced “Mama, you just won half a million dollars.” Overwhelmed with joy, Lucille immediately expressed her gratitude to God and shared the fantastic news with her granddaughter and another son. Together they visited the ASL Claim Center to claim the prize.

Plans for the Money

Lucille’s plans for her windfall are grounded in responsibility. She intends to allocate a portion for bills and necessary expenses while saving the remainder for unforeseen circumstances. Additionally she’s keen on enhancing her family’s standard of living with this newfound wealth.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

This inspiring story serves as a reminder from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to play responsibly. The lottery’s impact extends beyond individual wins contributing significantly to the state’s development. Since its inception in 2009 the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has generated over $1.3 billion for scholarships assisting more than 720,000 students in Arkansas.

Besides educational support the lottery has dispensed over $4.8 billion in prizes, more than $401 million in retailer commissions and contributed over $172 million in state and federal taxes thereby supporting a variety of community initiatives.



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