USA Lottery - News - $2 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Car

$2 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Car

by: Tim | December 18, 2023
$2 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Found in Car

A Michigan man’s routine purchase of a lottery ticket turned into an incredible surprise when he unearthed a forgotten $2 million winning ticket from his car after four months. His caution in revisiting seemingly discarded tickets led to a life-changing discovery.

In a remarkable turn of events an anonymous 29-year-old from Isabella County bought a $20 “Money” ticket from the Shepherd E-Z Mart in Shepherd resembling a $100 bill during one of his usual stops after work. Initially believing it to be a non-winning ticket he stashed it in his car’s center console among other discarded tickets.

Always listen to your wife

A recent request from his wife to check some tickets prompted him to reexamine his collection of “losing” tickets. When he rescanned the seemingly unremarkable “Money” ticket an unexpected prompt directed him to file a claim at the Lottery office. Further inspection revealed a matched number 13 and astonishingly the ‘$2 MIL’ symbol underneath.

Overwhelmed by the realization that he had been carrying a $2 million ticket for months, he promptly visited the Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. Opting for a $1.3 million lump sum payout the fortunate winner intends to use the money as a financial safety net for his family rather than splurging on extravagant purchases.

Michigan’s Money Game

This winning ticket represents the first of three available top prizes of $2 million in the $20 “Money” game, which launched in March. Additionally, there are 16 second-tier prizes of $10,000 and 55 third-tier prizes of $5,000 remaining out of the total available.

The Michigan Lottery highlighted the remarkable success of the “Money” game, revealing that players have amassed over $47 million in winnings thus far with an outstanding $61 million in prizes yet to be claimed. The overall odds of securing a prize in this scratch-off game stand at 1 in 3.69.



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